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If another driver’s negligent actions caused your car accident, you have the right to collect compensation for any damages you suffered in the crash. This includes medical bills for treatment of injuries you sustained, lost wages for the time you missed at work, and repair or replacement of your vehicle. Most commonly, you collect the money due to you by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s liability car insurance provider.

After suffering injuries in a car accident, the last thing you want to think about is how you will pay your bills or cover necessary therapies. Let the car accident lawyers in Dublin, OH at Bressman Law handle your injury claim while you focus on your recovery. We can investigate your accident, collect evidence to prove liability, and negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company to cover all your accident-related losses.

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What do I need to do immediately after a Dublin, OH car accident?

Your first concern after a car accident should always be your health. If you did not receive medical care at the accident scene, you need to visit the nearest emergency department or schedule an appointment with your doctor right away. Even if you do not believe you suffered injuries, it is important to rule out any major issues. This documentation in your medical records also plays a key role in proving your case if you did sustain injuries.

Once your doctor assures you that your medical condition is stable, go ahead and give us a call. While not every car accident claim requires the help of an attorney, we can offer you a free case evaluation to help you better understand your legal options and any challenges you could face getting the payout you deserve.

How do I know who is liable for my damages?

In some car accidents, liability is easy to determine. When another motorist runs a red light and hits you, or fails to stop and rear-ends you at a stop sign, the police report and eyewitness testimony are usually enough to prove fault. Sometimes, though, car accidents are more complicated and require an in-depth investigation to determine liability and collect the evidence to prove fault.

To win compensation for your injuries, we must prove negligence. We need to show the other motorist acted carelessly. This requires proof of the following:

  • The other motorist had certain rules of the road s/he needed to abide by
  • S/he failed to abide by the rules or otherwise exercise due caution
  • This caused an accident
  • You suffered injuries and financial losses because of this accident

We have the skills and resources necessary to investigate the cause of your accident, whether that requires interviewing witnesses or conducting accident reconstructions and hiring expert witnesses to verify the cause of your injuries. We can determine who is liable for your accident, and secure the evidence necessary to show s/he acted negligently and caused your injuries.

How can I get the compensation I need after a car crash in Dublin, OH?

Most car accident victims can secure compensation by filing a claim with the at-fault driver’s auto insurance provider. This claim, known as a third-party liability claim, should pay out up to the policy maximum to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other related costs.

While the insurer allows you to file a claim on your own, we recommend against it. Enlisting the help of a Dublin, OH car accident attorney makes the process easier. Letting one of our knowledgeable lawyers handle your case reduces stress and lets you focus on recovering from your injuries. We gather all the evidence to support your claim, and work with the insurance company to help it understand your accident-related losses.

We can also manage all communication with the insurance company so you do not need to worry about saying something that might jeopardize your case.

And if your injury costs exceed the limits of the liable driver’s insurance policy, we can negotiate to get you more or file a lawsuit against the driver to get you the compensation you need.

How much can I recover by filing a car accident claim?

It is impossible to know the full potential value of your car accident claim without first having a Dublin, OH car accident lawyer analyze your case and calculate your damages.

There are two primary types of damages awarded after a car accident: economic and noneconomic. Economic damages include:

  • Medical bills (e.g., can include anything from surgical costs to prescription medications)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ongoing medical care costs
  • Wages from missed work
  • Lost wages from being unable to return to work or having to take a lesser-paying job
  • Vehicle repair or replacement
  • Almost any other expense related to your accident or injuries (e.g., transportation costs to and from appointments, any vehicle or home modifications you needed to make to accommodate a disability, cost of hiring someone to help around the house, etc.)

Economic damages are often simple to calculate. We collect your bills and receipts and other documentation, and combine the totals. Noneconomic damages, however, are more difficult. This includes things like pain and suffering and loss of quality of life. In some cases, noneconomic damages can be much higher than economic damages.

How can I reach a car accident lawyer near me?

At Bressman Law, we are here to help you navigate the car accident claims process. From ensuring you receive the medical care you need to negotiating a fair settlement in your case, we handle all aspects of your Ohio car accident case. This leaves you free to focus on your recovery.

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