Improperly Loaded or Overloaded Truck Accidents

Big trucks are used to transport large quantities of items. But when these items aren’t loaded properly, or when a truck is filled beyond maximum capacity, things can quickly become dangerous. For example, some common types of injuries that victims sustain in serious car accidents (like truck crashes) are cracked skulls and puncture injuries.

Improperly Loading a Truck

When a large truck is negligently loaded, the biggest risk is that cargo will shift, causing a truck accident. However, improperly loaded cargo can also fall off of the tractor-trailer, creating a hazard for others on the road. The way that cargo is loaded and secured is regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – as such, if cargo is improperly loaded, it’s not only negligent but may also be a violation of federal law.

Overloading a Truck

Overloading a truck is equally dangerous as improperly loading it. When cargo is overloaded, there are two significant consequences: one, the load may fall off of the semi because of lack of space. Second, the load may cause the truck to be over its weight limit, creating a hazard.

When a truck is over its weight limit, you might see these things happening.

  • It may have a harder time turning
  • It can be prone to rollover accidents
  • It may not be able to stop in the appropriate of time when braking

Like loading regulations, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also regulates truck weights.

When improperly loaded cargo is inherently dangerous, like certain chemicals or explosives, the risk to the truck driver and other drivers on the road is even more severe. 

Who’s liable for overloaded or improperly loaded truck accidents?

If a problem with improperly loaded or overloaded truck cargo is the cause of an accident, then determining liability is the key to getting compensation for the victims. Those who may be held liable include a cargo shipper, cargo loader, or trucking company.

A loader may have improperly loaded as a result of laziness or lack of care, or overloading may have been intentional to reduce truck usage and maximize space. An attorney can help you to determine who is liable, and to what types of damages you are entitled.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney Today

A truck should never be improperly loaded or overloaded. Unfortunately, though, too often this occurs, causing a preventable—and serious—accident. Victims of improperly loaded or overweight truck accidents can contact a Columbus truck accident attorney at Bressman Law: 877-538-1116.